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Robert Hardy is the principle writer and analyst for The Geostrat, and is uniquely qualified to comment on the increasingly complicated nexus of money and politics we are experiencing worldwide.

Robert’s background in international commodity and equity trading, market making and global consultancy, allow him to view the global economy from all angles - a key skill in identifying global political and investment trends. His use of our global network of senior business, government and military contacts feed The Geostrat with the “on the ground” intelligence, which is then distilled into unique insights that provide a deeper understanding of the issues that shape the business world.

Robert is a frequent contributor on the major TV networks on geopolitical, economic and national security issues, some samples of which can be seen below. He is also a regular participant on various high level Government panels and other independent think tanks. Due to confidentiality requirements we cannot expand further on these.

Robert Hardy’s full bio and CV is available to download on the PDF - Click Here

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